I am exactly as I am

I am a strong and powerful woman and smarter than you think;
I am a shark beneath the waves and a goddess between the sheets.
I fight for what I want, and I’m not afraid of how I sound;
I walk with my head high, my determined foot steps echo loud.

I will lift you up above me, not concerned you’re looking down;
I feel no strength from reducing you, to a speck laying on the ground.
Your position will not affect me, so I will support you in your climb;
But don’t think that you outrank me, it’s all an illusion in your mind.

The power that’s inside me, knows no limits or no bounds;
My thighs will know no tiredness, nor will they stumble at these mounds.
So do not fear me or adorn me, I am exactly as I am;
I will bow down to no woman, and be silenced by no man.


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